Garalde is an old family of typefaces. But it’s, also a young communication agency with character.

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Garalde Communication


Graphic Design's Art

Graphic design came from Man’s need to communicate with his fellow men. Our profession was born of the invention of signs combined with symbols. The human desire to develop and transmit a message has created, shaped and fashioned our line of work.
Graphic communication dates back over 4,000 years. Indications engraved on the flagstones of harbours or houses and shops’ wooden signs already existed in Antiquity. Techniques have evolved, as have codes, but all the symbols and profound meanings have persisted and were passed on to us. The Renaissance as well as the industrial and digital revolutions have brought diversity in today’s messages and media.
We apply the highest standards to create both texts and visuals. We are experienced professionals in writing, graphic design, photoshop, sound and video editing. By knowing the rules we can help your message and your project to be more visible and dynamic.

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